Should sperm whale hunting be allowed

The northern and central Nootka believed the oil and fat of the humpbacked whale caused diarrhea [3]. Clan members are not necessarily related. West Coast Heritage Series. There is a rush of pressure from its head wave as it surges to its prey, jaw agape, and the jet from the squid as, panicked, it bursts away into the darkness. No one knows the consequences of this great sea-grab, which extends not just to Alaska, but apparently to other corners of the ocean. For hundreds of years, the United States and countries around the world relentlessly hunted whales and other marine mammals for their oil, blubber and other byproducts. There may be a couple of reasons for this.
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Advice and information on sea fishing in the UK

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Japan resumes whale hunt

At night, the team followed their echolocation clicks. Sperm whales have also been shown to feed off the line at different depths, some diving fairly shallow and others much deeper, similar to natural foraging dives. Other boats that joined the hunt were most often led by younger relatives of the chief, including a smaller, faster boat that brought the chief to the community to announce when a whale had been killed. This group also used blubber as food and to burn in stone lamps, bones for house building materials, and baleen for bird snares, drinking cups and fishing line, as well as for trade [33]. Whale blubber and the derived oil were important to many cultures. They feed entirely on small aquatic invertebrates zooplankton and they migrate annually to lower latitudes for breeding and calving [7].
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BBC - Earth - Why do some countries still hunt whales?

Sperm whales are capable of dramatic dives after their prey, able to reach depths of 1, meters and often staying underwater for up to 90 minutes before surfacing for air. By Tania Rabesandratana Jun. Harpoons used on kayaks were designed to be light; the shaft was made of wood, narwhal ivory, or antler, and the head was made of antler or walrus ivory. Eskimos of Northwestern Alaska. Over the next 30 years, its whaling industry killed an estimated , more cetaceans than it reported to IWC. American Museum of Natural History;
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View image of Sperm whales can by identified by unique markers on their tail fins Credit: Whitehead has found that different groups of sperm whales, called vocal clans, consistently use different sets; the repertoire of codas the clan uses is its dialect. It is used as an ingredient in high-price perfumes as it acts as a fixative allowing the perfume to retain its smell for longer periods of time. This organ contains a mix of hundreds of litres of wax and oil and it is thought that the sperm whale can heat or cool this to help with diving. Whale meat is tender, melts in the mouth and has a flavour between fish and beef according to diners, who spoke to the Guardian. These covers had peepholes in them that could also be opened or closed.
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