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Can I get pregnant if he didn't go inside? We use lube but I'm still sore after we have sex. He recently found out I was sexually abused when I was around 14 and finally understands why I won't go all the way. I'm still a virgin, so I'm not complaining about my actual vagina or hymen - it's just the opening around it. I was deeply abused as a young girl by men and women and the acts they performed- i honestly can not do today and I have tried with my husband.
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There are a lot of myths surrounding vaginal tightness, we tried to solve one of them.

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I'm 14, and a virgin, but can fit fingers inside my vagina: is something wrong with me?

I was fingered today and felt a sharp pain, not really thinking much bout it i didn't have him stop. Birth control can definitely affect your hormones. Im trying to have sex bt the problem is when my partner put his penis ontop of my vagina before her he can even try going in i feel terrible pain en he can't fit in me no matter how much we try for him i end up crying telling him to before he can even begin en gives me a real fright,pls help. I don't know what happened. Don Juan over a year ago Guest wrote:
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My Vaginal Opening Is Covered By Flaps of Skin | Betty Dodson with Carlin Ross

Obsessed with your hymen? I am 21 now and have had regular penetrative sex since I lost my virginity and with rather well endowed partners, and can say that the opening to my vagina does not look like it did when I was Any type of virginity test that relies on the observation of the hymen or of the tightness of the vagina is inconclusive, at best, or completely invalid. A Detailed Beginner's Guide A whole-foods, plant-based diet can help you lose weight and improve your health. Antiviral, like Valtrex, may be important for both of you. The hymen is a thin piece of mucosal tissue that surrounds and partially covers the vaginal opening also called the introitus. Still, looking back, I wish I had taken care of it Kasini's way.
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So, you can't tell if someone is a virgin if they have a hymen. The standard treatment is to surgically cut away part of the hymen using a scalpel or laser. I've looked at pictures but the don't look like mine. I still care abt her and i wonder wher she can get this medication in Swaziland or in South Africa. The hymen is a membrane in the vaginal canal. If you haven't seen one yet, M, it might be a good idea to have a pelvic exam. Some believe that any disturbance to the hymen will result in its tearing.
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